Coffee Shop Located in Westlake Village

Everyone recognizes coffee chains. You’ve heard of them all, how they are all the same, how they are so jam packed that they just hastily make the orders. These coffee chains are expensive and there is not a lot that separates them from each other. It can be hard to find a great coffee shop in Westlake Village, but that is why we are here today. To show you that there is a great coffee shop for you to try! They are a smaller coffee shop that makes their cups of coffee with skill and precious. They brew the coffee in house and it gives it that better flavor.


They have your black coffee but they also have the more delicious cups of coffee. They have hot coffees, they have lattes, iced coffees, and they even have Frappuccino’s. The Stonehaus is a cafe in Westlake Village, that also happens to serve some of the best coffee around. They have more affordable prices for cups of coffee that will be even better than the ones you could get from a coffee chain. If you are looking to have a sit down coffee or a coffee to go, The Stonehaus is the place to try.