Wine Bar in the Beautiful Westlake Village Area

When you are looking for a place to take out your friends for a place to drink, you should check out a wine bar. A wine bar is place where drinks are served in a restaurant or a café, but the primary drink that is sold to the customers is wine. Both red and white, and as well as sparkling wine. This is a place where you get get a bite to eat and great glass of wine. Visit the Stonehaus a Westlake Village wine bar if you are looking to try both imported and local wines. A wine bar is a great place to check out and it should be something that you try.


A great way to spend the night with friends is to have a great wine, you can do that at the Westlake Village café, The Stonehaus. They have some great options for you to get your wine fix. You can have a wine flight where you can try many wines at one time. Or you can try a bottle or glass however you choose. If you are looking for a new spot to try you have got to check this place out. This place can give you a great meal and a great drink. While this café is not going anywhere, you should not wait up on giving this café a try.