Brunch in Westlake Village

Have you been dying to get in on the newest meal trend of brunch but just don’t know where to go? The Mediterraneo are a Westlake Village restaurant that gives you a variety of delicious food options. And yes, this means they have one amazing brunch menu that you will love to have tried. They have both alcoholic and nonalcoholic options to be paired with whatever brunch type meal your heart is set on. You can get your regular orange juice and a side of eggs on toast, or go full brunch with a bloody mary with avocado toast. Your pairing options are endless.


This Westlake Village brunch is for anyone, the people who just don’t wake up in time to have breakfast but want a breakfast type meal before lunch, and the full on brunch enthusiasts. The options for their brunch menu is a never ending menu of to die for dishes. Get eggs cooked any way, get the fluffiest pancakes with some amazing syrup, or get a wrap to fill whatever craving you came in for.