A Beautiful Restaurant Located in Westlake Village

The Stonehaus is a beautiful Westlake Village restaurant. They have amazing reviews that have over three hundred and fifty reviews, and out of a scale of five they have a four point five rating. That just tells you how good they are at their service and their food! Their menus are really good for any type of eater. Each person in your party will be able to have something to eat. You can come dine at the Westlake Village restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not matter what time your stomach calls for food they will be able to accommodate you.


They have an amazing assortment of soups and salads that are served all day long. You can get the soup of the day which changes to give you some surprise to your visit or stick with a favorite roasted vegetable soup! The same goes for their salad options you can go crazy and be adventurers with the seafood salad or stick to a classic chicken Caesar salad. The choices are endless and ultimately up to you!